John Dimmock

Christianity: Grace at our core

For most people, our Christian walk has become a mess. We work to be a better Christian. We are either consumed, striving to please God or dejected from our poor performance. Do we get up and pray for two hours at 4 am every day? Do we read the Bible cover to cover every week? Or do we spend more time with Facebook than God?
Being a Christian has always been simple. It is purely a relationship with God, based on what He has done (His Grace toward us). The disciples were not intellectuals so why do we feel the need to complicate it? Paul has to remind the early church in all of his letters (very forcefully at times) that they are being diverted from living in God’s grace. Once we have a foundation of grace established, the rest of our Christian life fits together without any condemnation. This book is offered as a reminder for us to focus on what it means to be a Christian and to keep Grace at our Core.

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